Laurence Plummer

The Laurence Plummer Foundation

Who was Laurence Plummer (Plum)

Laurence Plummer, known to most as Plum, was a local man to the Rainham and never ventured far from the area apart from his work in London and his love of travelling, especially loved a cruise.

Born in the May of 1951, to parents Robert and Joan Plummer in the Twydall area of Rainham and attended St. Mary’s Catholic School in Gillingham.

He went on to become quite academic and was able to utilise his gifts by working his way through the banking system starting  at Glyn Mills Bank in London in 1968 before furthering his career in the industry before settling with BT until he retired in January 2010.

Plum was sports mad and played football locally before he realised that his talents lay not just in playing, but in organising, so would become manager of two local teams, The Royal Engineers, and his beloved Hollands & Blair.

After his playing days were over, he put all his efforts into Hollands & Blair, being not only the manager but all the other jobs that were needed to run a football club, Plum would do them.

He would soon establish himself as a formidable administrator in the local and wider areas of the game.

As the club became more successful, he would find himself on the committee’s of not just the organisations in Medway but also in the larger community of Kent and was respected by all who crossed his path.

His family was always his priority, no matter how much he loved the club. His sister, Christine, a trustee of the foundation that bears his name is very proud of his achievements.

His wife Shirley who he married in September 1975 was beside him all through his journey and is still active in and around the football club and of course, the charity.

His two children, Ryan and Rebecca (Bex) are also trustees of the foundation, overseeing the legacy of the man himself.

He also was the proud grandfather to four amazing children who he loved wholeheartedly.

Plum was a person who had time for anyone and would communicate with young and old alike, it didn’t matter to him, he was naturally gifted to be able to talk to and share his passions helping the youngsters who came through Hollands & Blair FC to be better people through their involvement with the club.

He understood how to take on the club’s progression through the football pyramid and led them from being a Sunday league pub side to where they are today, a step five, semi-professional club in the Southern Counties Eastern Premier League.

He would always acknowledge any help he received along the way, and he was fiercely loyal to the people he stood beside.

Never one for a fuss, he would achieve and move on with grace and respect to others, but new the value of a celebration (and maybe the odd pint of Guinness).

The club reached the milestone of its 50 year anniversary in 2020.

Plum sadly passed away in November of the same year due to Covid.

The Laurence Plummer Foundation is only part of his legacy, the part where we hope to see youngsters who require the backing of a little financial help to see them realise their potential or to get them to try a sport that would otherwise be denied them because of lack of money.

We think he would have been proud of this charity because we feel it encompasses the values that he would have lived by himself, the values of helping others in need.

His family and trustees are proud to be part of this and we will do our utmost to make sure the money we raise will be for those who need the help, and it will all be done in the name of Laurence Plummer.

Martin Bass (Trustee)